Tiffany’s Jelly Cupboard

Wow! I can’t believe Jess and I have started a blog. Here goes my first post about my jelly cupboard…

Farmhouse Jelly Cupboard

Last week Jess & I both decided to build cupboards. Our cupboards are built from different plans but we still built them at the same time. I used a FREE Ana White plan. Jess used a FREE Shanty-2-Chic building plan. I’ll share with you my experience.

I have used multiple Ana White  plans. There are many perks to using her plans. They are free (my favorite word), easy to follow and she uses normal lumber sizes. You don’t have to rip boards to size, at least with the plans I have used. I am a huge Ana fan. I purchased her book, The Handbuilt Home, and read it front to back. I really love her style and I can’t say enough good things about her plans. I also feel that I can relate to her- she’s a woman that builds! Thank you Ana White!

Okay, so let me tell you. We worked on these cupboards in my barn. It was cold. Now, both Jess and I have Central Boiler outdoor wood-burners that heat our entire houses. Guess what it doesn’t heat yet. My barn (my husband might say, HIS barn, haha). So, that’s on my husband’s to-do list for this summer-heating OUR barn. After building our cupboards in the freezing temperatures, I now feel bad for him changing the oil, etc. in a non-heated barn. Jess and I did use her small propane-ran heater. It was better than nothin’.

I promise that for our future projects, I’ll bring out my real camera and give more detailed shots of the building process. But this was our first go around with the blog, so these are all phone pictures.

I bought all of my lumber at Lowe’s. My total came to $110 for lumber, screws, hinges & a magnetic clasp. That was also with a pack of fruit snacks Stella wanted. I already had the plywood for backing, paint and tools. I also bummed some of the wire mesh off of Jess.


Work bench. We need a work bench. That’s probably our next project to build. This is not good for our knees or back, that’s for sure. But hey, we’re working with what we’ve got. A little shop of our own might be nice, too. Us girls can dream!


My dad told me I need a carpenter’s pencil. I still haven’t got one. Using a good ole ink pen, but maybe I’ll take his advice!


Use your safety googles while using the saw, people. Steward made that mistake a while back and I flushed his eyes out forever until the wood/sawdust came out. It’s painful! Just wear the glasses.


Jess and I ordered these t-shirts from Ana White’s website. These are so us.



I brought the cupboard inside and into the basement. Again, the heat thing. I knew the paint would never dry in the freezing barn. I had never used chalk paint until I bought this at Lowe’s. It’s Valspar’s brand of chalk paint. I like it. I have nothing to compare it to, other than regular paint, so that’ll be another post.


After I painted two coats of the paint on the cupboard, I used Valspar’s sealing wax, then used their antique wax over that. I am thrilled with the results of this cupboard. Isn’t it pretty?! My mom made that pretty wreath out of muslin. She didn’t like it for her house, so I snatched that from her real quick.

I think I just finished my first blog post. Well, that it exciting!! We have so much to share and hope you enjoy reading our posts. Stay tuned, Jess will be posting about her cupboard soon! You’re not going to want to miss it, it’s pretty!!!!





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