Wood project

Growth Chart

Growth Chart

Hey Guys!  Jess here sharing with you a project Tiffany and I did a couple of years ago.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.  I’m sure any of you that have ever searched on Pinterest has seen this awesome Growth Chart.  Sure you could buy one at Pottery Barn for around $99 bucks, but who wants to spend that kind of money…not us!  Oh and did I mention that the one I made was FREE, yep that magic word Tiffany loves so much 😉  The two pictured above are the ones we made a couple of years ago.  Tiffany chose to paint hers white and distress it while I chose to just stain mine, Provincial of course!

So all you need material wise is a 1 by something board that is longer than 5 feet.  I prefer a 1×6 at least because you want to have plenty of room to mark all those heights throughout the years.  You also need sand paper, a paint marker, painters charcoal, a ruler, a printer or stencil for the numbers and Polyurathane.

First I always give any project a light sanding.  For this project I went out back to my wood collection and found a board that was perfect.  It was worn and had some lettering on it from shipping.  I didn’t want to sand off the lettering so I used 120 grit sand paper on my Dewalt palm sander.  I went over it just enough to take the roughness off.  Next I brought it in the house to paint.  Yes I wish I had a handy work bench to do all my projects…Hint Hint Kyle…but moving on.

Now for the paint.  Tiffany and I discovered that you can buy paint markers from any craft or big box store out there for pretty cheap.  I usually get them on sale from Jo Anns or from Menards.  They come in all different colors and thickness’ and usually go for a couple of bucks.  I had a white paint marker so that’s what I chose for this project.  Using my ruler I made inch marks and foot marks on my board to copy the look of a real ruler.  I went over this a couple of times with my paint marker until the desired look was created.  Next I got on my computer and printed out numbers 1-7.  You can get creative here with whatever font you want, but I chose Times New Roman.  I really want to invest in a Cricut because that would make this part really easy.  Tiffany used one on her farmhouse sign post if you want to check that out.  I do the numbering the hard way.  I essentially make a rubbing using the charcoal on the back of the number and tracing the number onto the board.

The only thing left is to paint your numbers and let it dry.  I added polyurethane to the board so that it’s finger and water resistant.  Easy enough and so rewarding.

So I know what your thinking! I love this, I want this, I have to have this…well I have a surprise for you.  This awesome growth chart can be all yours!  Tiffany and I are having a couple of giveaways this month.  Here’s the rules:

  1.  You must be local, Not shipping a 7′ board
  2. Go to our Instagram, follow us and Like this post
  3. Then tag 3 friends in the comment section

The winner will be picked at random and announced on Thursday evening.

Good Luck!





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