Tiffany’s Deck to Patio-Part 1


Hi guys! So, this past weekend was beyond gorgeous. Did you all get to go outside and enjoy it? 60 degree temps, mid-Feb, in central Ohio is not typical. Needless to say, we spent literally ALL day outside on Saturday. C’mon kids, we’re goin’ outside!!

We wanted to get something accomplished, and it’s too early to think about flowers and gardening. We hadn’t planned on tackling this project until later in the year, but thought Saturday was a good day to get the bulk of it done since it was so nice out. When we bought the house 4 years ago, there was a 16×16 deck out the sliding glass doors. It was fine, just didn’t have side rails. Well, we wanted to add side rails, but we made a quick decision to add on an additional 16×16 deck ourselves, making it a 16×32 deck. I guess we didn’t love it the way we had hoped.  Four years later we decided to take off our little deck addition and put a patio there instead. We hate, hate, hate the upkeep of the deck. We live in the woods. As you’ll see in the pictures, the deck is constantly green from the trees being overhead. Not to mention the upkeep on staining/sealing. Ugh, I don’t know why I dislike it so much. I like projects, but not that for some reason. Here is a picture from Saturday morning. We moved all of the stuff (table, toys, chairs, etc.) onto the original deck and started tackling the tear down.


See what I mean, look at that green grossness. I’m tired of it. At least we can easily power-wash concrete to clean it off.


Thankfully when we put the deck addition on 4 years ago, we used screws instead of nails. This made the tear down easy.

Leaves! There are always leaves everywhere around our house living in the woods. They are pretty in the fall, and I love the privacy the trees give, but the leaves are a LOT of work. They’re always in the flowers bed, and that kind of drives me crazy. But that’s beside the point.IMG_6902

In no time, we had the deck unscrewed and taken apart. That was the easy part, just took a little time. And look at all those screws we can hopefully reuse.


When we got to the boards against the house, we accidentally took off some siding, oops. Gotta fix that.


The girls had a hay-day helping. They loved gathering the screws and putting them in the bucket. They also loved finding worms as we took out quite a bit of dirt to prepare for concrete. These girls hold worms…they are SO not my children, lol. I will not touch a worm. Just sayin’. Stella thought she needed “safety” glasses–although the glasses she has on don’t even have lenses. LOL!

The toughest job was shoveling out the dirt. My hands still hurt from shoveling. It was a good workout though!


So we got out all the dirt on the outside of the forms for backfill and were ready for gravel.


Many wheelbarrow loads later and we have gravel in and are ready for concrete. I just need to decide how decorative I want to go with the concrete. There are so many options, stains, stamps, etc. That’s what I’m trying to figure out now before our next bout of beautiful weather comes.


And here’s all of my leftover wood! I’m contemplating what to build with it. Think Jess and I can build a small shop with these materials?? Haha. What do you all think we should build??

I’ll add a -Deck to Patio Part 2- once we have some more nice weather and the concrete is all finished. In the meantime, I’ve got an itch to build something, so I’m gonna get to it. Don’t forget to enter to win Jess’ Growth Chart on Instagram! We appreciate you following us on InstagramFacebook & Pinterest!!! Enjoy your day!!!




5 thoughts on “Tiffany’s Deck to Patio-Part 1

  1. Tiff, have you seen our patios? I think the term is exposed aggragate concrete. It has some kind of coloring in the concrete to add a tan hue and you can see a lot of little pebbles. I love them.


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