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Farmhouse Twin Bed

DIY Twin Farmhouse Bed

Hello Ya’ll!  First off we want to thank all of our readers for following along and reading about all of our projects!  We love sharing our stories and want to inspire newbies to the DIY world…there is absolutely no reason to be scared of building something yourself.  Today we wanted to share with you the beds we made for our little ones.  When Mason and Stella, our now 3 1/2 year olds, got to be too big for their cribs we both started looking for “Big Kid” beds.  Of course everything we wanted was either too expensive or turned out to be made of cheap material, so of course we went to building it ourselves.

Tiffany was the first to spot this Farmhouse bed on Ana White’s amazing website.  Its simple and the plans were a piece of cake to follow.  We each spent around 150.00 to build this twin sized bed including the finishing materials.  The nice thing about Ana’s plans are the furniture is all made using 1 by’s and 2 by’s (if that’s how your write that) making the project affordable.  This also simplifies the project and makes it do-able for beginners.

Mason’s bed was painted a navy blue and was not distressed. Stella’s bed was painted an antique white, then distressed slightly.  Now along the way we have learned that when it says to use wood glue you really should follow their suggestions.  We built these beds before we got smart enough to follow that advise.  With that being said these beds have been used for over a year and are still as solid as a rock. Stella’s bed, however, has never been slept in. The girls sleep together, so her bed is still sturdy as ever!

We didn’t take a lot of of pictures of our building process because that was before we started blogging! So here is a picture of Mason’s headboard prior to paint.

And his room with his finished big boy bed.

Boys Baseball Bedroom with farmhouse bed  

Here is the only picture of Stella’s bed prior to paint. Look at that green grass– oh how we miss warm summer weather. It can’t come soon enough.


Here are quite a few pictures of Stella’s bed. It’s just so pretty. Too bad it’s never been slept in. I’m sure the time will come when she doesn’t want to sleep with her sister!


Well, thanks again for following along to our posts! It means more than you know. Don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook & Pinterest. Thanks for sharing our posts too!

Jess and Tiffany

Girls Bedroom with farmhouse bed




3 thoughts on “Farmhouse Twin Bed

  1. Hey girls 🙂 love all the DIY! Easy to say I’m too much a chicken to try anything this involved.
    BUT I think it’s time and I need some help :-/ my hubby has requested that our lovely daughter have a castle playhouse (she is his princess) so I have searched far and wide and everything is either too expensive (I did find one on Wayfair for $6000 HAHA! No) or just that cheap plastic that is way over priced.

    Have either of you made an outdoor structure or have future plans to?
    Is this even possible as a first project? I don’t want to waste money on supplies and then completely fail.

    Any advice would be spectacular!
    Thanks 🙂 keep up the great work


    1. Hi there!! Thank you for reading our blog!! Actually, I’m (Tiffany) getting ready to make a playhouse for my girls!! I’m hoping to use the remains of our deck (if you read that post) and hope to only have to buy very little. I’ll post my end result for sure!! My first build was a little chair for the girls table and chairs. That was my first taste of what it felt like to build something from wood, tools and my own hands. It was so rewarding, you’ll see once you try something!! Good luck!! Thanks again for following!!


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