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DIY Barn Bookshelf

Barn Bookshelf

Hello barn friends! Ha. If ya know me, I love barns. Red barns, especially. So, over a year and a half ago when I was trying to come up with a gift for my nephew’s baby shower, I was struggling with what to buy. After I couldn’t find the perfect gift in a store, I brainstormed a little. I love giving gifts, but especially love giving gifts I’ve put a little heart into. I decided to build this red barn bookshelf for my nephew’s farm themed nursery. Every child needs a bookshelf, right, so why not a barn shaped bookshelf? It was hard keeping it a secret from my sister until the shower day! I was just so excited.

I struggled trying to find a free plan. Although I have bought a total of 2 plans in my little “career” of woodworking, I am always after a free plan. I finally found the perfect FREE plan. Yay! This plan was a little different than any others I had built in the past. It had angles. Yikes, angles…never did that before! I quickly discovered cutting angles took a little more thought than just a basic straight cut. It took some practice cuts, for sure. I used my radial arm saw and got the cuts. No, these were probably not perfect cuts, but close enough for me…and hopefully my nephew, too. And I’d say not too bad for my first time with angles. Sounds like a miter saw would be a good option for cutting these boards, too, but I don’t have one (yet!), so the radial arm saw did the trick.


Once the barn was built, I felt pretty proud. I thought, how cool is that?! I just love it. I’m telling ya, building something from some boards, some tools and your own two hands–it’s rewarding. When I gave this to my sister at her shower, she loved it! (Or at least I think she did, LOL!)

Barn Bookshelf

So, if you’re looking to build this barn bookshelf for your little farmer, check out the Barn Bookshelf Plans that I used. They were easy to follow plans! And like I said above, the only struggle for me was the angled cuts, but that’s because it was new to me. It would be a little easier for me now that I have some experience with it.

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