Jess’ Powder room update

Hello!  Ok, I am seriously sick of cold weather and I want so badly to get started on all our planned projects for the year.  So being cooped up in the house makes your mind wander…today it wandered to our downstairs powder room.  I love this little room, but it feels so small with all of my décor and dark colors.  It’s time for something new.  Everything in our house is builders grade.  The oak cabinets, the floors, the trim…everything.  I love my house, but I’m so ready to do some improvements.

When we bought our house in 2010 it was the nicest home we had looked at.  The only homes in our area then were modular homes and foreclosures.  I wanted a stick built home, something we could live in and do renovations if need be, not something that could potentially lose value.

Finally 6 years later we have decided to put some money towards doing some upgrades.  Ok so back to this cute little bathroom.  I like the paint color, but I hate the outdated oak cabinet.  I hopped over to Pinterest for some inspiration!  Here’s just one bathroom I’m in love with. Thank you to Bless’er House for the gorgeous picture.  I love the clean feel to this bathroom.  So my idea is to paint the sink cabinet the same grey that I painted my Farmhouse Coffee Cabinet.  That alone will give it a fresh look.  Next up is the mirror.  I love the framed mirror shown here and I found a super easy tutorial on Create and Babble.  Seriously all you need is base trim, liquid nails and paint of choice…easy enough.  More importantly cheap!


The cabinet above the toilet was built by my dad when I was 7 or 8.  He was going to pitch it, but I told him I would give it a home.  At the time I went to my go-to color…black.  Well now I’m realizing that black makes a small room look even smaller.  I want to give this a new coat of paint also, because taking it down is not a choice(I love all things my dad builds).  So there it is, I have a few days off and I’m hoping I can get some of this work done.  Raising a family and keeping the house clean is a job in it’s own, but doing little projects that don’t break the bank are truly rewarding.

Tiffany and I are planning a little trip for tomorrow to find some local treasures so check back soon to see our goodies!  Don’t forget to check out our Instagram and Facebook, we post pictures there that you may not see on our blog.




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