Junk and Treasures

Our Junkin Adventure

Old Barn WoodHi friends! Yesterday Jess and I went out on a little junkin adventure. I loaded up the girls in the Big “D”, as my husband would call his truck. His truck is his baby but I wanted to take it in case I got a LOT of junk-ya never know what you’ll find.


So, a couple of years ago Jess found this place that has a lot of old barn wood. Any kind of barn wood you could think of. When we went last time, Jess got some barn wood for her TV stand and it is beautiful. I’m sure she’ll tell ya’ll about it at some point. This guy tears down old barns and sells the wood (by the square foot-I believe) and whatever else he may find.


This time we went, his stock was a little low (in his book anyway). As you see there is a lot of wood. He had a few old doors, old windows, chicken wire, some metal and a few little odd’s and end’s. Last time he had this beautiful old mantel. I so hoped he still had it, but I’ve learned in this junkin world- if you see something you love, buy it…it will not be there long! I did the same thing not too long ago at an antique shop. I thought about this glass sign the rest of the day after I didn’t buy it and when I contacted them to have them hold it for me, it had sold. Problem is, I say ‘oh well-I can make my own’ and now I have a list a mile long of things I need to make.

Check out Saylor’s photography skills here. Mason, Saylor & Stella ran around this place like crazy children in the snow while Finn snoozed (and eventually cried) in her Jeep.



Jess ended up with some good finds. Old banister spindles (at least that’s what we think they’re from), knobs, a single-tree & a chippy piece of wood.


I ended up with similar. The banister spindles, a single tree and a mantle-looking piece of chippy painted wood. I’m thrilled with our treasures and can’t wait to clean them up. Overall, a successful little trip.


Today, I have a project up my sleeve. Saylor likes organizing stuff in the house and just asked what she can organize, so I’ll put her to good use, hehe. Anyway, thanks for reading about our little trip, we’ll have some projects to share soon! As always, thanks for following us on Instagram & Facebook.




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