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DIY Picnic Table

DIY picnic table

Hi guys! So a few years ago, I had a bright idea to build my sister and brother-in-law a picnic table as their Christmas gift. It’s always nice to have your own cute little picnic table to sit on. I knew how much I loved the picnic table that my Mom & Dad had bought for me the year prior. We use ours quite often when it’s nice outside. I knew my sister would too, so I figured this would be a perfect gift.

This DIY picnic table was pretty easy. Of course it’s an Ana White plan. You know by now, she’s my favorite. The plan for this DIY picnic table can be found here. There were a few angled cuts that always take a little extra thought (at least for me) but overall pretty easy! My husband and I attacked this project together and built it in no time at all. I have built most of my projects by myself but it was pretty nice working with a partner for this one. We built it in the garage, mostly when the girls were sleeping. I don’t like taking time away from my babies to do projects.

When I gave this picnic table to them for Christmas a couple years back, I didn’t stain or paint it. I wanted them to be able to decide if they wanted to stain, seal or paint it. If I had known I was going to be blogging a few years ago, I would have taken some better pictures of the entire process of building. The pictures below are recent pictures. You can see that they used a clear sealant to keep the natural look of the wood. I just love it.






As the nice weather is getting near, get out there and build yourself a picnic table! I am just SO ready for warm, beautiful weather. And can’t wait to work on all of our projects that are planned.

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