DIY Shopping Cart Cover


Hi guys, Yuck what a wet and dreary day.  I had a busy day today, but wanted to sneak in a post tonight before bedtime.  My last stretch of days I was at the grocery store and wanted to put my 8 month old in the cart instead of in his carrier…because when you gotta get groceries there is just no room to put anything when there is an infant carrier in the way.  I’m sure you mommas out there understand.  Anyways I used the cleaning wipes they provided and wiped off the handle like I always do and was completely grossed out.  I don’t know if this cart was previously used by a coal miner (sarcasm) or if it was pushed into a pile of manure, but the wipe was black!  Disgusting!

So When I got home I decided to look online for some shopping cart covers for the kiddo.  I never even thought about this for my first son, but I work in the medical field and I feel like I’m a little more aware of all the crud that’s going around.  This girl ain’t got no time for sickness!  So to my surprise these things are expensive.  I mean $30 to $40 bucks for a cute piece of fabric, seems like someone is making bank on this whole deal.  So next up I went to Pinterest.  I knew there would be some kind of tutorial on making my own and I was right.  In fact there were tons.  So I read through a bunch of them and put together a little something of my own.


-Two Fabrics measuring 45″x 42″

-1 1/2 yards of 1/2″ elastic


-rotary cutter and mat

-safety pin

-marker and cd

First I folded both of my materials in quarters with the fold at the bottom.  I cut my edges using a platter I had on hand.  This just creates a rounded corner.  Make sure you are not cutting on the folded edge.

 Next I unfolded and refolded the materials just in half with the fold towards me.  I measured 19″ from the left and placed a CD on the fabric.  I also used my hand as a guide to measure how far from the fold as you can see in the picture.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  I then drew a circle around the cd.  Next I measure from the right side 7″ and made a line for the buckles.  Then I cut the leg holes out and the buckle holes out.

Next I opened up the material and layed them flat.  Make sure to put the “pretty” sides together.  Then pin the outer edge making sure to leave a 7″-8″ opening for when we need to turn it right side out.  Sew around the edge.  After that Sew another line around the piece leaving about 3/4″ room to fit the elastic around.  Now you have to feed your elastic through.  I used a safety pin.  Pin one end of the elastic to the cloth so you don’t lose it…I totally didn’t do this and I regretted it.  Sew the two elastic ends together.  After that turn it right side out and sew up the opening.  Now all that’s left to do is sew the leg holes together and the buckle holes together.  It doesn’t have to be the prettiest thing ever, it just has to serve the purpose.

I tried it out tonight for the first time on my trip to the Dollar Store and loved it!  (Sorry about the burry pictures, but it was rainy, and the boys were a little grouchy).  I only spent $9 bucks on this whole project.  All I had to buy was material and elastic.  By the way, I got the elastic at the Dollar Store.  So for under $10 dollars and about 30 minutes of my time I have a super cute, soft and custom shopping cart cover.  So awesome!  Thanks for following along and if you have any questions on this project just leave it in the comment section!  Don’t forget to follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!


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