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DIY Wooden Baseball Signs

Hi guys! Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything but let’s just say there has been some computer issues on my end.  All of this is being typed from my iPhone actually.  That’s dedication!

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that I made last summer for my son Mason.  Since Mason has been old enough to walk he has loved playing baseball. In fact all he wanted for his third birthday was a real baseball bat and ball. I waited to decorate his room until he got a little older and decided to have his own personality and then put his own touch on his big boy bedroom. So first I built the bed which you can see in a previous post, then it was time to decorate. I searched the Internet for all things baseball theme and believe me there are so many cute ideas. I wanted a baseball theme but I also didn’t want him to grow out of this in a year. So I decided to go with the more mature look.  The internet took me to mother of all great ideas, Pinterest.  Some of the ideas that I came across however we’re so far out of my price range and it got me thinking I can do this!

So I got out my computer from the 1990’s (exaggeration)!  I started typing up my signs and printing them out for the sizes that I wanted or needed. I used the same process as I did with the growth chart for the lettering.


For the baseball picture sign I used 1×4’s and nailed them to a 1 x 2 for support.

After painting everything I then gave it all a light sanding, distressed it a bit and then used my favorite stain Minwax Provincial. All that was left was to put hangers on the back and decide where to place them in Mason’s  room. He was so excited to see them!  It warms my heart to make something for him and for him to love it return!

Thank you all for reading along and please bear with me working through my computer issues LOL!  Don’t forget to follow along on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.



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