Starting Seeds

How to Start Seeds
So It’s that time of the year again.  Time to start thinking about your garden.  I’m not gonna lie I LOVE gardening, but Kyle, my husband, is the main guy on this operation.  We have a unwritten deal.  He grows the plants…I preserve the harvest.  Of course there is also the hours we both spend weeding the garden.  Yuck!  Below is a picture of our garden 2 years ago.

Garden layout
So this time of year we usually sit down and draw out our plan for the garden.  We go over all the plants we want and how many of each, then draw out our rows.  This helps us get an idea of how many seeds we need to start.  There have been years in the past where we have not planned and ended up having to buy grown plants from some of our local greenhouses, but we end up spending so much.  We have a large garden, probably 25’x50′ and it’s seeming to get larger each year.  Now instead of spending all that money on plants we start them ourselves.  We invested in some lights and built a nifty plant starting station using PVC pipe.
This is our 4th or 5th year starting seeds and it has for sure been trial and error.  If you live in our area (Central Ohio) then now is the time to start your seeds.  Not all of them, here are a few we started this past week.




-Sweet Bell Peppers

Of course there are more that need to be started now we just don’t want or need them in our garden this year.  I try to stock up on some varieties like banana peppers one year, can what I need, then not plant them the next.  We reuse old trays from the previous year and plant all the seeds in one big tray.   The seedlings will grow and produce what is called “seed leaves”.  After that they will produce their first set of “true leaves”.  This is when you want to transplant them into their own individual pots.

Something else that is really common and we have encountered ourselves is growing “leggy” plants.  This is when a plant doesn’t have enough light and is reaching for a light source.  They get really tall and thin main stems.  When it comes time to plant your garden these “leggy” plants will have a hard time growing while fighting wind, hard rain and hot sun.  This can be easily fixed by monitoring your plants.  You need to lower your light source and make sure there is enough light over your trays.
If you have any questions on when to start a vegtable plant please feel free to ask in our comments section.  You can also ask us on Facebook and Instagram.  I will give you an update in a couple of weeks of our seedling and will also keep you informed on when to start more seedlings!  Also don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for more gardening ideas!





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