Wood project

DIY Bathroom Cabinet


Hey guys! Wanna know how to build your own little rustic bathroom cabinet? Here ya go, I’ll show you. Last week, my mom, Stella and I took a little road trip down to Grove City, Ohio. I was after an antique dresser, actually, but came home with all of these goodies instead. Our road trip included stops at Goodwill (that’s where the 3 white pieces and the glass pitcher are from in the picture below-I love Goodwill as long as it doesn’t stink!!), Zassy’s Treasures (that’s where I got the olive bucket.. Zassy’s is the cutest little shop and she has the neatest things-Love it!) and The Unforgotten Piece. I got the cotton stems and the old window without glass at The Unforgotten Piece. She also has the cutest little shop in Grove City–so glad we got to visit them both.

The old window is part of my bathroom cabinet now! It doesn’t have glass which makes it not so heavy for hanging on the wall. I was inspired by Liz and her husband at Liz Marie Blog to make my own DIY bathroom cabinet. She has the best style and is one of favorite bloggers. Her style is so beautiful and so inspiring to me.


Alright, so what you’re here for, the bathroom cabinet. I have quite a bit of scrap wood. I made this entire cabinet, minus the window and hardware, out of scraps. I measured out the edges of the window and cut my scrap wood (you can tell it’s scrap wood- some is stained, some in not).


Once I had the boards cut, I used my Kreg Jig to bring the frame together.


The Kreg-Jig brings corners together so good and makes it perfectly square.



After the box was built, I added one shelf to the middle, lining it up with the window pane. I also added a piece under the shelf so that I could screw threw that into the wall-studs to hang it. I then used my chalk paint, antiqued it to my liking, added my hardware and hung that beautiful bathroom cabinet. DIY Bathroom Cabinet



I’m really happy with it and especially love my apothecary jar with Q-tips in it. And as always, thanks for following along with us! We appreciate all of you following us on InstagramFacebook & checking out our inspiration on Pinterest.




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