DIY Stamped Concrete: Deck to Patio – Part 2



Hey guys! So a little over a month ago I shared Part 1 of our deck to patio project. I helped with the first part of the project -the tear down of the deck. Thankfully my hubby has some experience working with concrete, me -none. As far as the concrete work, I can’t take any credit. I can, however, take credit for making sure the guys were hydrated and I kept their bellies full of donuts, cookies & homemade chili.

Here is a photo from the end of our tear down about a month ago.


Since then, we decided to add a sidewalk extending from the back patio all the way around the house to the driveway. I’m so glad we did! Now that it is finished, I love walking on the sidewalk and the girls love riding their scooters and bikes on it. Another perk to the sidewalk is that it will keep all of my flower-bed mulch contained. We also added a small area for our trash can to sit right outside of the man door from the garage.

Not related to the patio– you can see in the below picture our next project. We’re building a lean-to on the back of the barn to store the wood for our outdoor wood burner. That’ll be another post.

Okay, back to this project. From digging out dirt for the patio and sidewalk, you can see what a mess we made of the yard. Oh well, a little grass seed, mulch in the flower beds and it’ll look pretty again. It does look hideous right now, I know.


The morning we were scheduled for concrete, I was a little nervous. It had rained the day before. It was still sprinkling when I took this photo with my coffee that morning. Thankfully, the sprinkles stopped and the concrete truck arrived around 1130.


We rented a concrete buggy to haul the concrete from the driveway to the back patio. Unfortunately, there is no way for the concrete truck to get to the back of our house because of where the septic is. We found out real quick it was going to be hard to get the buggy up the small incline into the patio. It was so wet and muddy from raining so much the day before. That was a nightmare for the guys. They got the patio portion filled using the concrete buggy, which was no easy task. So they decided to use our wheel barrow to haul the concrete instead of the buggy. Aside from being pretty heavy, it seemed to work so much better and made no mess in the dirt/mud surrounding the forms, since they could walk the wheel barrow inside of the forms to where it needed poured. They couldn’t haul as much, but it ended up working out so much better. If we knew that now, we would have saved the money we used to rent the concrete buggy and just used our wheel barrow. Oh well.



Once the 7-8 yards of concrete had been poured, they used the screed board to level out the concrete.image

Again, don’t mind the muddy mess surrounding the concrete forms. It’ll be grass soon! Look beyond that at the beautiful concrete work. Oh, and those missing pieces of siding we accidentally pulled off in the tear down of the deck. Those are being replaced!


The guys did an amazing job stamping the concrete. It was a lot to take on. Thankfully it was a chilly day and the concrete didn’t dry super fast so they were able to get all of it stamped without it hardening completely. They put a chalky substance onto the concrete and the stamp prior to laying the stamp down so it didn’t stick to the concrete. As you can see, the chalk is a grey/blue color. The chalk doesn’t stain the concrete, you just have to power wash the concrete after it has time to dry and harden.



Look at this picture below. Morning and day’s end. The guys put in a hard day of work. The patio and sidewalk is beautiful. I can’t even express how thrilled I am with it.


Two days after they poured and stamped it, they used the concrete saw to put cuts in it so that it doesn’t crack on it’s own in random patterns. We were then able to power wash the concrete and you can see it’s true color. Then we put a sealant all over it.



It’s been too chilly to sit outside and enjoy the patio. I’m really hoping we get to use it for the girls’ birthday party in a few weeks! Soon enough we will have consistent warm weather! Anyway, thanks for checking out our experience with pouring and stamping concrete. And as always, thank you for following us on InstagramFacebook & Pinterest.



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