Bees · Wood project

Preparing for Bees

Over the past couple of years my husband and I have been really interested in having our own bee hives.  Kyle practically drinks honey out of the jar, and I have really bad seasonal allergies so I would like to have it more often too.  We refuse to buy honey from the grocery store and recently I have a fellow Co-worker who sells and trades eggs for honey.

This past winter Kyle got on one of his “kicks” where he gets obsessed with one thing (love you! But it’s true) and this time it was bees!  I’m really excited to start this process, but I had no idea just how amazing a bee hive can actually bee:) lol, see how I did that!

So First we needed to decide how to get our bees.  My co-worker told me you could buy a package of bees or a Nuc.  He gave us a really good local resource to buy our Nucs from so we decided to buy two Nucs which ended up costing around $175 each from Knox County Bees.  We chose to start with a Nuc because we will receive an already established hive which should produce honey this year.  Fingers crossed!

Next step was buying the hives and supplies.  Kyle and I wanted the satisfaction of building our own boxes and we had done some searching online for prices.  We found that for a beginner kit it was anywhere from $200-$300.  We bought 4 deeps and 4 mediums along with 10 frames, 2 bottom boards, 2 inner covers and 2 tops  to start out with for $220 from a local gal which we found on craigslist.  This will make two hives.  A simple YouTube search taught us how to glue and nail them together.

Next we need to paint them.  We are going to paint them the traditional white, but you can paint them any color you want.  My go-to-bee-guy said he lives in town and painted his hives the same color as his fence to blend in more.  Our Nucs will be ready sometime in May and I will give you an update then.

Thanks for reading along.  Tiffany is working on a really awesome project, I’m so excited to see the finished project!  Join us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to see what we are up to!



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