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DIY Faux Shiplap

DIY Faux Shiplap

Shiplap. I am in love with shiplap. I want my entire house done in shiplap. I, along with so many other millions, am obsessed with Chip & Joanna Gaines and their show Fixer Upper. Kyle & Jess actually introduced me to the show when we were vacationing together in Hilton Head last year.

Fixer Upper? Never heard of it. We, at the time, had rabbit ears on our TV, so HGTV was not an option. I don’t watch much TV, if any at all, so having just the basics (mainly the news) was all I cared about. So, last year when they were playing Fixer Upper reruns while we were in Hilton Head, I understood why so many people loved the show. I became obsessed. Needless to say, we now have DirecTv (mainly because Steward wanted to be able to watch Ohio State games)…but now I get to watch the best show ever, Fixer Upper. I could go on and on about the show and how funny and inspirational Chip & Joanna are, but lets talk about the shiplap. One of Joanna’s favorite things, I’d say.

When I started researching shiplap and where to buy it, I found that real shiplap was pretty expensive. Some people were actually hanging faux shiplap made from plywood. It gives the look but for a fraction of the cost. Real shiplap can cost upwards of $10 per board. I did this 15 ft wide wall in my bedroom for less than $50. This wall would have cost well over $500 for real shiplap. I’m thrilled with my faux shiplap and even more thrilled with the cost.

So, here’s a breakdown of how we did ours. First, we measured the wall to determine how much material we would need. The 1/4″ plywood underlayment come in 4’X8′ sheets. I determined we would need 4 sheets, each ripped into 6″ planks. I chose 6″ wide planks because I wanted wide planks and it also would leave no waste in material.  Each sheet gave 8 planks. The nice people at Lowe’s ripped the boards at no additional fee. I’m not sure if they typically charge a small fee or not, but they didn’t charge us. Thanks, Lowe’s!

I started painting in the corner and almost forgot to snap a before picture. This isn’t the best picture, and yes my girls are playing in the picture, but you get the idea of what the color of the room was. Green. I painted it when we moved in over 5 years ago, so it was time for some fresh paint anyway. We painted the walls Benjamin Moore White Dove. It took a lot of research trying to find this perfect color of white. But I love it. I’m so glad I painted this wall white prior to hanging the shiplap because you can see through the cracks a tad. It would’ve looked pretty hideous with the green popping through. I did save myself a little paint and only painted 1 coat of paint on this wall. It didn’t have to be perfect since the shiplap would be covering it.


Once the walls were painted (thank you, Mom, for helping me trim!!) we used the stud finder to draw lines all the way up and down the walls to know where to nail the wood. I might add, my husband pointed the stud finder at himself and said he found the stud. (bahaha!!) After that, it was time to hang the shiplap (or plywood, I guess, lol). Shiplap sounds better. I wanted to start at the top-for this reason. (Some that I researched started at the bottom) I knew we would have to rip the very top board or very bottom and I knew you would be able to see the top/ceiling board better and I wanted a full 6″ white plank up top, so that’s my simple reason for starting at the top. Either way is fine. We used a nailgun to nail the boards to the studs. Some use glue too, we did not. Be sure to use a long level to make sure each piece is level before nailing. After the first row was up, we placed a nickle in between the layers for spacing. I also read where you can use popsicle sticks.


It seemed to go fast once we got to the point where we weren’t standing on step ladders.





Don’t mind the bad lighting of these pictures. They were taken at night, with my phone, so they have the ceiling light designs on the wall. I worked the next day, but Steward rolled the shiplap and sent me this picture.


I finished up the trimming, rolled a little more and voila! My faux shiplap wall, inspired by the great Chip & Joanna Gaines. My bedroom is totally different and with a little character now. I love it. I am going to build 2 nightstands, unless I come across some great ones that would go with my dresser.

imageOld Heavy Antique Dresser

This dresser was one of my finds on my most recent trip to Amish Country with my mom. I fell in love with it. It’s old. It’s heavy. Like real heavy. It’s missing a few pieces around the edge and missing a knob. It’s imperfect, but perfectly imperfect for me! And I’m leaving it natural, just like it is.

Anyway, that was my experience with faux shiplap. If ya have any questions, just ask! Jess and I will chat with ya on Facebook & Instagram. Don’t forget to check out what’s inspiring us on Pinterest. Kyle & Jess are becoming little farmers at their homestead, so she’ll be sharing soon!



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