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Happy Monday!  This weekend was absolutely amazing…I had to work all weekend, but I was still able to enjoy the nice summer feeling evenings outside.  I love seeing all the trees blooming and the smell of fresh cut grass.  Warm weather=happiness for me.

It’s a family tradition for us to go to Legend Hills Orchard in Utica, Ohio every fall to pick apples.  We like to have fresh apples and I also like to make and preserve our own applesauce.  Once you eat homemade applesauce you can’t be satisfied with store bought.

This year we decided to dedicate some time and money into buying some apple and peach trees of our own.  We won’t have apples for 2-3 years, but you have to start somewhere!  Kyle has wanted them for a couple of years, but this year we finally bit the bullet and found a highly recommended company to order from.

The company we ordered our trees from is Stark Bro’s Nursery the company is  over 200 years old and is located in Missouri.  They are known for creating desirable cold-hardy trees and outstanding customer service.  The website makes it very easy to find the right trees for your Hardiness Zone.  All you have to do is type in your zip-code and then search for the trees.  We decided to start with 2 peach trees and 5 apple trees.  These came in assortments to ensure they will pollinate successfully.  Some of these varieties will self-pollinate and other will cross-pollinate with each other. Our Bees will LOVE these trees.

The assortments we got are:

Burbank’s Choice Peach Tree Collection

-Starking Delicious Peach

-July Elberta Peach

Red and Gold Apple Tree Collection

-Golden Delicious Apple

-Red Delicious Apple

Easy-As-Pie Apple Tree Collection

-Cortland Apple (My Favorite)

-Stark Jon-A-Red Jonathan Apple

-Stark Lodi Apple

We received our order in a timely fashion because we ordered them this spring.  The company will only ship the trees when it’s time to plant.  We have had the trees for a couple of weeks, but the weather wasn’t fit to plant them lately.  Finally the weather got right and we decided to plant them last Thursday (ok Kyle did all the work, I just watched with a baby on my hip).  The trees were still dormant when we received them, but they are already starting to bud.

Our Polaris Ranger comes in so handy to do yard work, we just loaded up the buckets with the trees and water and drove them to the site.

Kyle is such a hard worker, here he is digging all the holes for our trees.

And here is Mason working just as hard finding all the worms under the sod to give to our chickens!  Hillbilly!

I’m so excited to watch these trees grow and bloom!  As always thank you for reading along and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!  Tiffany and I love sharing our experiences with you and we hope we have inspired some of you!





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