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DIY Farmhouse Window Trim


DIY Farmhouse Window Trim

Hey guys! Here’s my latest project, my DIY farmhouse window trim. When I decided I was done with the green walls a few weeks ago, I went completely different and painted the walls white. I love it. If you didn’t see my shiplap wall post, check it out. I have all the details on paint color and how to build a faux shiplap wall there. Before I started painting the wall, I got the bright idea to get rid of my builder-grade window trim and update it with some pretty farmhouse window trim. I really wanted a window sill because I have the same window trim throughout my entire house. SO, I did a little demo all by myself. I got the trim off and there was no lookin’ back. Here’s the green wall and old trim.


I should’ve taken some better pictures with my real camera, but these are all phone pictures so they aren’t the best. You get the idea, though. Once the walls were painted and the shiplap wall was done in my room, I was ready to build my farmhouse window trim.

Material List:

1 x 2

1 x 3

1 x 4 (you’ll have to measure your window to determine the lengths for all of the boards)


saw  (I used my radial arm saw, I think it’s on it’s last leg)

tape measure


nail gun (I used my 16-gauge Hitachi nail gun)

paint (I used Benjamin Moore White Dove)


I cut my boards as I went. I started with the bottom board, the apron (1×4). You’ll want to determine how wide the side trim will be before cutting your apron board. Be sure to make the apron board level because the window sill will sit on top of this piece. Then use your nail gun to secure it into place.


Next, you’ll cut your window sill (1×4). I made mine 1 inch longer than the apron, so there’s 1/2″ overhang on each side. Then nail away. I seriously love using my nail gun. I feel pretty tough when I use it, HAHA.


For the side trim (1×4), I measured from the top of the window sill to where I wanted the top piece (1×2) to go.


Next, I used a 1×2 turned on it’s side so the small side is facing front. Then I used another 1×4 for the pretty header piece. Yep, I had the cutest little helper even.



Above the header piece I put a 1×2 on it’s side at 1/2″ longer than the header board. Then the 1×3 on top of that 1/2″ longer than the 1×2, on it’s side. Isn’t it pretty? It’s amazing how different the window looks. I just love it.



I decided to paint it, the same as the walls, Benjamin Moore White Dove. Now I’m just trying to determine what kind of window treatment I want. Curtains, roller shade…I’ll think about it a little while before I determine.


DIY Farmhouse Window Trim

My bedroom is slowly coming together. I’m likin’ it. Hope you all are getting to enjoy this beautiful weather this weekend. As always, thanks for following us on FacebookInstagram & Pinterest!


If you haven’t checked out my DIY Faux Shiplap Wall, check it out!!!DIY Faux Shiplap



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