Wide-Plank Pergo Laminate Flooring



Hi guys! Tiff here. It’s been one project after the other this year. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a lot of fun but also very tiring, time consuming and parts of it have just down right drove me crazy. This floor laying project was driving me crazy because my house was seriously torn apart–a complete disaster…and some parts are still not back together! Wait ’til ya see the pictures on down this post.

So, we’ve lived in this house almost 5 years. With kids, a dog, normal wear and tear, the carpet was ready to go. I truly loved the cushiony carpet (below), but was ready for a change. I went back and forth trying to figure out what I wanted to replace it with. Carpet, real hardwood, stuff that looks like hardwood, there are just too many options. I finally narrowed it down to this wide-plank Pergo laminate flooring. It was a tough decision for me. I’ll give ya some pros and cons of this laminate in a bit.


So, a little bit about the laminate. We put this laminate everywhere in the house except the bedrooms. We ordered 67 boxes, though we ended up taking some back after we were finished. It was better to have plenty instead of coming up short, I guess.



Now, you might understand why I was going a litte cray-cray. This was my house after removing the carpet. OMG. It almost gives me heart palpitations looking at it again, lol. Ideally you would have everything removed before installing the new flooring. It’s hard to remove everything when you live in your house and need things while you’re in the process of the project. So we did the best we could.


Yep, those are my children climbing on who knows what in the pictures.


Anyway, when it came to install day, we started with the longest outside wall (since they tend to be the most straight/square). The first row is the most important, making sure it is square. That row took us the longest, but once we got started we figured it out real quick. I helped here and there, you just don’t know it because I’m always snappin’ pictures. My father-in-law built the girls a blanket fort to keep them occupied, they loved that and it kept them entertained until maw-maw & paw-paw took them out for some fun!


We learned that it was best working from left to right. It is possible to work right to left, just a little more difficult with this laminate anyway. The materials involved were:

laminate flooring


heavy duty pull bar

tapping block

spacers (for the perimeter of the flooring)

rubber mallet

saw (we used my FIL’s chop saw and our jig-saw)

measuring tape



I decided when we put this floor down, I didn’t want a perfect pattern. I wanted the boards imperfectly placed and staggered. I think we wasted a little bit more this way, but I didn’t want a perfectly placed floor.

We debated on whether or not to take the baseboard trim off. I was nervous to rip it all off and take a chance of ripping paint off, so we left it. Doing this, though, we knew we would have to put quarter-round down everywhere since we couldn’t place the boards all the way up against the trim and there wasn’t enough room to go under it. You had to leave enough room for expansion of the boards, so the quarter-round will cover that. (Remember how I said things aren’t completely put back together…well, the quarter-round hasn’t been put down yet…but that’s ok. The house is livable and it won’t take long to install)


The pros:

I love the look. I wanted wide-plank. Rustic. Worn. Medium color. That’s what I got.

The cost. We got a heck of a deal.

Easy to install ourselves.

Cleaner than carpet.

Scratch resistant, for the most part (see the cons)…

We don’t have to re-finish it, like real hardwood.


The cons:

I can tell by feeling it on my feet that it’s not real hardwood. It’s not a deal-breaker for me, I’m just sayin’ you can tell it’s not real hardwood. IF we ever move (into a farmhouse, of course) I will put down real hardwood if it’s not already there. And put it down prior to ANYTHING being in the house (unlike this time).

We already have 1 scratch in the living room, but it will almost always be covered by a rug.

I am a little nervous if water were to get under it, but I’m hopeful that just doesn’t happen.


So, all in all, I do love the flooring. I’m happy with this choice. I just need to get a few rugs to cozy up the house and make it feel more homey. It’s getting there, though.

Thanks for stoppin’ by and checkin’ out this project! And, as always, we appreciate all of our InstagramFacebook & Pinterest followers!


Oh, and if you haven’t seen my DIY Farmhouse Sign tutorial, check it out!



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