Summer Days

Hey guys, Jess here!  The long, warm summer days are here.  I LOVE summer, it is by far my favorite season.  I could spend everyday outside in the warm sunshine.  It never fails however, that life gets so busy during these months.  Work picks up, yard work and housework is never ending.

We have been working so much, that we still don’t have our garden planted!  Eek, the middle of June.  This is terrifying to me.  This weekend we are planning on getting all the plants planted that are sitting in the greenhouse begging for some fresh dirt.  I HAVE to get my canning supply back up this year.  We need beans, tomatoes and corn put away for the year and I’m down to the last couple of everything right now.

We are not the only ones that are busy right now.  We have busy bees! Literally!  We got our bees May 1st and they are doing great!  We got two hives going now and one is already producing honey.  I have learned so much about a bee colony this past two months.  First off, I have never been that close to thousands of bees in my entire life.  Seriously this might sound corny, but its a little bit of an adrenaline rush.  So we picked up our bees just outside of Mt. Vernon, Ohio and drove them home…yep we drove them home.  This was such a crazy concept.  In reality it was pretty easy.  We just put them in the hive and taped the opening closed and transported them to our house.

The next week we just let them bee…see what i did there.  Anyways, the weather got really cold here in May so we waited about two weeks and decided to go through the hive.  Here you can see Kyle smoking the bees, which calms them and disables their communication skills to each other temporarily.  Also you can see the glass mason jars, we decided to feed our bees a sugar water mixture just until they foraged their own nectar.  This just helps them out until all those flowers start blooming.

The one hive we got was a blonde color and the other was a darker bodied bee.  The blonde colony was booming when we first got them.  They had so much brood (baby bees) and so many bees.  The other was in my opinion average.  So when we went through the hive we found what looked like a swarm cell (pictured below) in the blonde bunch.  This happens when the bees decide they are out of room and they need to make a new queen so they can leave the hive.  Of course we don’t want this to happen.  So after consulting with Tom, a fellow co-worker and a seasoned beekeeper we decided that the bees were in fact raising a new queen.

The other hive has just exploded!  There are so many bees and we have even put a honey box on with a queen excluder (to keep the queen from laying eggs in our honey).  I’m so excited to get our first “harvest” if that’s what you call it.  I’m sure it will be the best honey I’ve ever tasted.  Mainly because it’s our honey!

Keep following along, I have some exciting new builds that I am preparing for.  I’m so excited to share with you!  Of course you can get updates about what Tiffany and I are up to on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.



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