Hi. [Tiffany here] Time just flies & this past weekend I turned 30! I remember thinking 30 was OLD when I was a little girl. But here I am, 30 years old and thinking 30 really isn’t so old.

So, for my 30th birthday my hubby brought me to Waco, Texas. Ever since Kyle & Jess introduced me to the show Fixer Upper, I’ve been obsessed. Chip is just funny, they are cute & I love her style. Everything she touches is beautiful. Once they opened up the Silos, I knew I wanted to visit someday. What better time to visit than for my 30th? It was a perfect birthday present!

We flew down early Wednesday morning, arrived around 10 am Texas time. While doing the paperwork for the rental car, the receptionist asked, “What brings you to Waco?” My reply, “Joanna Gaines!” Ha. I’m sure she gets the same reply all the time. After getting the car, I really wanted to freshen up and get a different outfit on, but we couldn’t check-in at the hotel that early. So I was a little wrinkly from the flight & sweaty, but oh well. We headed to the Silos anyway. That was, after all, the main reason for the trip & I was just so anxious to see them!

Making our way into downtown, I could see the top of the Silos. Eeeek! I was like a little kid. We drove around the grounds, trying to find a good place to park. We actually parked for free on Jackson Avenue, right around the corner from the Magnolia entrance. There were parking lots charging $10! No thanks. I’ll spend that $10 in the Magnolia Market.


Prior to entering the grounds, we walked along the outside of Magnolia Flour, their new bakery. So get this. I knew it was going to be opening soon. Once we were home from Texas, Joanna Gaines made an Instagram post that they revealed Magnolia Flour to their 4 kids on Sunday, the day after we left. We missed them by a day! Bummer. It’s going to be a super cute bakery, though…I peeked in the windows!


Here is the Magnolia Market. Just beautiful. Chip & Jo have worked so hard to bring life back to this place, and there is so much going on here!

I was worried we would have to wait in line. Reading blogs prior to our trip, I had in mind we might have to wait up to 2 hours to enter. We, thankfully, had no wait. Don’t get me wrong, the place was packed, even for a Wednesday, but no wait time!




First, we just checked out the grounds. And, of course, the photographer in me sees so many photo opportunities. Love this old truck.



These silos. It’s so cool to think that these were once actual working silos. They are gorgeous, if a silo can be gorgeous! Ha.


And this old barn. Oh my. Barns steal my heart. The barn structure. And the old beams underneath this beauty. Oh my goodness.



We grabbed a bite to eat from Co-Town Crepes Food Truck and ventured around some more. It was HOT!

The Magnolia Seed & Supply shop was so cute. Still so sad what happened to the goats. 😦



I thoroughly enjoyed walking around the garden area, as I’m expanding my flower gardens at home. I admired it all!

The Magnolia Market. It was just so pretty, everywhere. Everything was so organized. There were a lot of people shopping, but there were plenty of workers to help and lots of workers restocking all of the beautiful merchandise.




Not going to lie. The prices were a bit steep for my liking. I walked away with a #shiplap t-shirt, a Magnolia hat, a tea towel, a shopping bag, 2 little pig card holders & 2 Magnolia carpenter’s pencils. I can’t wait to display my tea towel at home. And I CAN NOT wait to use my carpenter pencil, although, it’s too pretty to use. I loved our visit to the Silos. I can’t wait to see it on season 4 and say “I’ve been there!”. Ha, I love saying that when I see a place I’ve been.

Our next stop was Clint’s shop. I was reeeeeeally excited to see this place. The woodworker in me couldn’t wait to touch one of the tables he built. I can build a kitchen table, but he can build an amazing kitchen table! All of his “builds” are just gorgeous. And how lucky is he to be Jo’s go-to woodworker. I may be a tad jealous.




His house is right next door to his shop. I guess I didn’t realize that in the episode! While checking out at his shop, the gals said Clint and his family are moving but this house has future plans that we can all enjoy…so I’m not sure what that means. I’m anxious to hear!


Next stop, the McGregor House. It took about 15/20 minutes to get to the tiny town of McGregor. When we turned the corner, I seriously think I fell in love with this house. It is absolutely beautiful. I was oooooo’ing and ahhhhh’ing. And maybe drooling. This house. It’s perfect. If I ever have a farmhouse, this is what I envision (on a lotta land, though). Awesome job, Chip & Jo!



I knew there wouldn’t be much to see at the old shop on Bosque, but I still wanted to see where Joanna started. It is a cute little shop.



Common Grounds coffee shop is a favorite of Joanna’s and has been on the show, so I just had to see it. I had already had my 1 cup for the day, so I didn’t get any coffee (otherwise I’d be havin’ some major heart palpitations!), but it smelled amazing. And what a cute, fun place.




That was our “Fixer-Upper” day. While visiting Texas, we also visited:

Hash House a Go-Go restaurant in Dallas

Fort Worth Stockyards & Cattle drive



BSR Cable Park- Waco, TX (And yep, I went down all 4 slides! And my hubby might still be sore from thinking he’s 21 doing back-flips off these things.)





It was a great little trip. I sure missed my babies though. I was so excited to visit the Silos. Chip & Joanna are such an inspiration, and the reason we visited Texas in the first place. I loved visiting Texas, don’t think I’d want to live there (at least the areas we visited- which isn’t even a quarter of The Lone Star state). It was a blast & the perfect way to bring in my 30’s!



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