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Picnic table/Outdoor benches

Wow, it’s been a busy couple of weeks and Tiff and I have been working hard on a really special project for a #igbuilderschallenge.  We are so anxious to know who the winner is and crossing our fingers that its us!!  We will be posting soon on the details of this challenge and of course you can check it out on our Instagram account and show us support there.

picnic table

Today I’m writing about a project my hubby and I did a couple of years ago.  For my birthday Kyle asked me if I wanted anything special and I of course said sure…Lumber!  Yea I’m sure that’s what every woman wants, lumber and screws (Kreg Jig screws actually).  I had a couple of projects in mind that I wanted to build so I printed out the plans from  I really had been wanting some seating on our back deck.  I didn’t however want to spend hundreds of dollars on a sitting area and table.  Plus our back deck isn’t giant so I needed something that would fit our area.  When I came along these plans for a picnic table that converts into two benches I knew I hit the jackpot!  I love the idea of having a picnic table set up, but when needed we can switch them over to benches.  Throw a couple of pillows and a fuzzy blanket and cozy in with a cup of coffee…hmm wish I could do that now.


The materials cost around 100 bucks and the project took about 2 hours to build.  It went so smooth and Kyle was my assistant the whole time.  He cut and I assembled.  Seriously it was easier than those crap pressed wood furniture you get from a big box store.  I just sanded the edges after it was assembled and ta-da!!  I didn’t finish it at first, but last year decided that I should have.  I’m such a procrastinator.  So I used some leftover all in one stain and sealer that my husband had.  I don’t love the finish, but it’s better than rotting away.

So there you have it!  I wish I had more progress pictures, but my phone has failed me and they can’t be loaded.  I also want to point out that Kyle and I HAVE to refinish our deck so yes, I’m completely aware at how awful our deck looks.  All I ask is for a judgement free zone please!

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