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Ana White’s Bailey Console Table (#igbuilderschallenge)


Hi guys! We are still in shock that we placed 3rd in the Instagram Builders Challenge! So, a little about the challenge:

-It was hosted by Rachael at Desert Woodworks. She was an awesome host! [Thanks Rachael for this cool challenge! It was so much FUN!] This challenge was judged by one of our favorite ladies, HGTV’s Ana White. She is the one that we get our free, awesome building plans from. Oh, and she is totally our idol and inspires us so much. Also judging the challenge was HGTV’s David Sheinkopf. Many may know him as the host of HGTV’s “Design on a Dime”. How cool!

-All of the participants that entered the challenge were given the same Console Table Plan to build. Everyone was to modify the plan in some way & we had 3 weeks to complete this challenge.

Jess & I were so excited once we got the plan and were so eager to build together. At first we figured out who was going to keep the console. Jess decided she didn’t have anywhere to put it in her house, and I knew I had a perfect spot for it. So, at first I said I would buy the lumber  since it was going in my house. BUT THEN, we decided we should use ALL scrap lumber. Lumber from who knows what project. We mostly used wood that the Amish recently used to haul our metal roof sheets. So, that was our goal -all scrap/leftover wood and we completely succeeded. We had zero expense in the wood portion of the table.

And just look at how beautiful these pieces of wood are. These are the console legs.

Jess + Me + Dewalt. Teamwork.

Jess and I laugh at ourselves all the time, because we decided we are SO the same person. We think the same thing ALL of the time. And guess what, at merely the same second, we both had the idea to do an angled tabletop. We are the same person. We text that to each other all the time.

Look at that beautiful wood table upside down.

Once we had the tabletop attached with our finish nailer, Jess used her Dewalt circular saw  and cut evenly around the entire tabletop. Easy peasy.

And voila, turn it right side up and that’s what ya get. Beauty.

Oh and she may have had a baby on her back for some of our building. Not while we were doing anything dangerous-don’t worry.


For the sliding door hardware, we used plumbing parts. A plumbing flange, elbow and pipe. Not much moolah in that at all! And especially in comparison with a sliding barn door, which we kind of wanted originally but would’ve taken too long to ship.

Once it was built, it was time to sand. And sand. And sand.

Sanding it took away a lot of the character of the variety of colors. At first that was a little saddening, but after staining it, it was just beautiful. It turned out a little darker than anticipated, but still a gorgeous color.

We only had to use one layer of stain. Then we finished it off with a few layers of a matte poly. It turned out so beautiful. We are so proud of it. And to think how little money we had in such an awesome piece.

The next few photos were submitted for the challenge. We were so anxious to submit them and get the results!


We waited patiently, well maybe not very patiently-haha, but it was well worth the wait! WE GOT THIRD place out of over 80 amazingly talented participants. There were so many unique entries into the challenge and we feel so honored to be chosen in the top 3. We loved this challenge and had such a ball building it together.

We are thankful for all of the sponsors that were involved!! And thank you again to Rachael, Ana & David for hosting and judging! We are so beyond appreciative for everyone!

Tiffany & Jess



2 thoughts on “Ana White’s Bailey Console Table (#igbuilderschallenge)

  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love that you used scrap wood! The pic after cutting the top and flipping it over is beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration to use the pipe instead of barn doors on my console table. I just need to attach it with the doors and I will send you a pic.
    Oh and what matte poly did you use?

    Liked by 1 person

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