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Customized Farmhouse Bench

Hi Guys!  This last couple of weeks have been so amazing for Tiffany and I.  We have gained over 100 followers on our Instagram account and we have had an outpouring on Facebook of love and support from family and friends.  The Instagram #igbuilderschallenge has helped us get recognized and we are one step closer to our dreams!  So thank you everyone whether this is your first time on our blog or your 20th, Thank you!

Last week we had a friend contact us who needed a small bench for her house that she is currently remodeling.  She actually just started a blog also, you can check it out at  She wanted a farmhouse style bench, but wanted it left unfinished so she could put her own touch on it.  The basic design was much like the Ana White plans we used for our Farmhouse Tables, but we didn’t want any screws showing.

Tiffany got to work on figuring out the exact dimensions and figuring up a shopping list and cut list.  We are so spoiled with many of the plans we follow, this step is usually skipped because the list is already there to follow.  It is however really satisfying to follow your own plan and have it turn out successful.

We gave ourselves a couple of hours to build and then we planned on going on a little run…well two hours later we had only built a small table top using our Kreg-Jig and got stuck on notching out the legs.  So we said the heck with it and went on a run.  The next morning I took the legs home with me and notched them out with my band saw in less than 10 minutes.  It really helps to have the correct tool, but we learn something new everyday.  We also have learned that with every mistake or set back that it only makes us better in the long run.


We finished up building the bench and did a light sanding on the legs and edges and ta-daa!  A beautiful custom bench for our friend Carli.  It looks so beautiful in her house and we are so excited to see how she finishes it.  We have some really exciting builds coming up so keep checking in on our progress.  You can check out updates on Facebook, Instagram and our pin on Pinterest.





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