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A Love That’s Here To Stay

Hi readers. Tiffany here. Want to know what the cutest, most romantic thing in the world is? The fact that my grandpa wrote this song, “A Love That’s Here To Stay”, for my grandma when they were just starting out their lifetime of love. I only learned that he wrote this for her about a couple years ago. When they brought it out in it’s frame, I just melted while reading it. I mean, seriously. Is this not the cutest thing EVER? He wrote her a song! Aww, they are so cute. AND they’ve been married 53 years, FIFTY-THREE!

I loved the song so much, I wanted a copy of it. But not just a regular copy. I wanted it on wood. Wanted it larger. Wanted it framed in wood. So I did a little research on Pinterest and determined I could figure it out.

I went off of these instructions, basically. I printed a copy of the song into a large laser print from Staples for less than $3. Then I followed the instructions from the blog I tagged above. After I was done with the plywood portion, I used my Kreg-Jig to build a frame for it out of some 1×2’s. I added a little stain to the frame, then attached the plywood to the frame with nails and a hammer. I wished it hadn’t turned out as dark as it did, but I still love it! I just wouldn’t use the stain again or opt for a lighter stain next time.

Hope you all are enjoying the end of your summer. My oldest starts back to school this week, which is just crazy! Where did our summer go? Boo-hoo. Thanks for following us along on InstagramFacebook & Pinterest.



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