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Jess & Tiffany

Jess & Tiffany are cousins by marriage. The duo became closer when they were pregnant at the same time, sharing experiences and getting advice from one another. When they both wanted new kitchen tables, they decided to build them together…not in the shop…but in Tiffany’s living room and kitchen all while the kids were playing! Why? Because it was sub-zero temps outside and in the barn. It was from there that their friendship grew and so did their desire to build together. From vacations, gardening, photography and everything in between these gals have a lot to say!



Hey I’m Jess a small town girl who has a passion for all things simple. I have a wonderful husband Kyle and 2 amazing (crazy) boys.  My love of woodworking stems from my father who was a carpenter right out of highschool.  I watched him build us two homes with his bare hands and create beautiful furniture from the trees he cut himself.  Now as an adult I find myself wanting the same quality and craftsmanship I had growing up.  I will never have the raw talent my father has, but I am willing to push myself to those standards he has set.  I love gardening, canning and looking after our chickens.  I am definitely a wannabe farmer on our little 3 acre “farm”.  I love the feeling of creating new things and providing for my family and I’m so excited for us to share that all with you!

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Hi! I am Tiffany. I grew up (and still reside) in a small town in the Buckeye state, which is where I met my high school sweetheart, Steward. We have 2 beautiful girls, Saylor & Stella. We bought our 5-acre ranch-style home through short sale in 2011. I am always after a bargain and dislike paying full-price for anything. I’ll be the first to admit I have champagne taste on a beer budget, haha. Hence, all the building and DIY. Since we purchased our home, I have built both of my girls a bed, our kitchen table with a bench, a primitive cupboard with hutch, a picnic table, a barn-shaped bookshelf for my nephew, a table and chair for my girls, an entertainment center for my parents, and a jelly cupboard. I work full-time as a rad-tech, though I have a passion for building, photography & all-things handcrafted. We are thrilled to share our creations with all of you and hope you enjoy!